[ba] bozeman barn

After completing the Mansfield Converted Barn I got many requests for a smaller barn style home. While researching the Mansfield I had come across many other beautiful barn homes and a beautiful rustic barn I had seen photos of one came to mind for The Liaison Collaborative - The Garden event. The rustic styling and the smaller size I thought would make a cozy home for the The Lodge theme. 

This home features classic barn styling with sliding doors, beautiful beam work, and an open layout. The home features a dramatic double sided fireplace warming a living area and a screened in porch, a mezzanine level, and two small more private spaces that are perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. 

The home comes in at just 41 prims and has a 30x30 meter footprint. Scripted features include a new easy to use central control for access, windows, doors, and a fireplace and smoke that toggle on and off with a touch.  

The Bozeman Barn will be available at the Liaison Collaborative Greenhouse @ The Nest through November 10th. After November 10th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace. 

Visit: Liaison Collaborative Greenhouse @ The Nest

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