[ba] industrial loft

The [ba] industrial loft was yet another suggestion, I had been eyeing the loft the character Neal Caffrey lives in on White Collar for some time but had not gotten around to making it. It just so happened that the theme for Collabor88 November 2013 is industrial chic, so when Vaki Zenovka suggested the idea creating something inspired from the show I had to jump on it. Vaki had even created a model of the apartment and  kind enough to let me use it as a reference. 

Keeping very true to the design of Mr. Caffrey's home,  the main living space is a studio style open loft with beautiful skylights and fireplace. There are plenty of nooks and corners for a bedroom, kitchenette, dining room and living room. Two sets of french doors open to an generous outdoor terrace. There is a private bathroom and stairwell that leads to an upper rooftop style space. With a fully finished exterior and working exterior doors this build is suitable for land or as a skybox. 

The [ba] industrial loft comes in at 37 prims and has a 21x26 meter footprint. Scripted features include a new easy to use central control for access, windows, doors, and a fireplace and smoke that toggle on and off with a touch.  

The [ba] industrial loft will be available at the collabor88 main store through December 7th at the price of $388. After December 7th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace at full price. 

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