FAMESHed Jan 2014

Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce I have the honor of being a FAMESHed guest for Jan 2014! I only had a few days to put something together but I hope you will enjoy. Having been making winter stuff since August I was ready for spring stuff! There are two new plants, and a simple iron window box and flower pot to put them in - or use whatever planters you have! They will be available only at FAMESHed thru the end of the month then they will be in the store and on the marketplace. FAMESHed is a full price event so the price will not change after the event. 

teleport to FAMESHed

trailing flowers: $150 for 5 varieties copy/mod

pansies: $225 for 36 varieties copy/mod

pot: $25 copy/mod

wrought iron window box $50 copy/mod

Happy new year!