Black Friday sale and 2014 snow toppers!

First off with american thanksgiving approaching fast and the holidays just around the corner here is my black Friday announcement. It will be the same sale as last year, 50% off gift cards and 25-50% off selected items! The sale will be in world and on the marketplace! I will post more detailed sale info right before the sale!


Also this has been kind of a hectic month for me, but I got snow toppers for the houses I have been getting requests for! So thank you for your patience everyone! I'm not sure what the demand for snow toppers for the santorini villa, villa marseille, villa siena, classic conservatory, angolo house, or 5th ave building are. Please let me know if you are planning on using snow on those this season and I will try to make them if there is enough demand! 

However the Bates House, Duxbury House, Key West Cottage, and Tudor home all had a great demand for snow so fast tracked those! They are up at the main store and on the marketplace along with snow toppers for the 2013 prefabs! 

[ba] snow kits on the markertplace

[ba] snow kits in world