[ba] centauri space pod

Just a simple little structure for collabor88 Feb 2014! I will have full houses starting again next march!

This is a great little one room futuristic space pod thing. When you buy it comes with two versions, one with a starry sky bubble and rockets under it for a skybox and another with a concrete foundation and stairs/door for using on the ground! 

The skybox has a home control system for setting access and privacy on the door (ground version only) and windows (both versions). The footprint is 40x45 meters and it comes in at 44 prim impact. 

The [ba] centauri s will be available at the collabor88 main store through january 6th at the price of $188. After January 6th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace at full price. 

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 Visit: Collabor88 Febr 2014 Store