[ba] angolo house

For The Liaison Collaborative - The Garden event March 2014 I have recreated an old favorite of mine, the [ba] angolo house. Originally built in 2007, this sleek modern concept was the perfect choice for the theme. The cool greys and expansive glass windows make the perfect neutral minimalist backdrop for any stunning parcel you may want to call home. 

This home features a spacious front room with expansive views, large enough for a kitchenette, casual dining, and relaxing. The gigantic picture windows bring in a full 90 degrees of view making it the perfect home for a corner lot. The fireplace passed thru to the back area, perfect for a more private bedroom area. Continueing around you find a spacious nook perfect for a bathroom. Skylights in the living room and bedroom area provide plenty of natural light for those running with light and shadows. The home also features a spacious front patio to enjoy the views. 

The home comes in at just 47 prims and has a 30x30 meter footprint. Scripted features include a new easy to use central control for access, windows, doors, and a fireplace that goes on and off with a touch.  

[ba] angolo house will be available at the The Liaison Collaborative @ Fall through April 10th. After April 10th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace. 

Visit:  The Liaison Collaborative @ Fall 

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