Spring Garden Structures

Some great new releases for getting your yard ready for spring!

First up, exclusively for The Home Show we have the new [ba] ozark pavillion both in rustic brown and white wood. At just 10 prim impact each and 10x8 meter foot print there is room for it in any yard.  Also exclusively at home show is a set of new lanterns, with hanging or sitting versions and toggle touch on/off. 

Visit  The Home Show to get the ozark pavillions and metal lanterns! They will be available at The Home Show until the end of April, then will be available at the main store and on the marketplace. 


Second up is the [ba] classic pavillion and [ba] classic conservatory for collabor88 april 2014! These elegant structures will bring some grandeur to any parcel! The conservatory is a spacious 28x18 meters and 114 prim impact. Either use it conventionally or for a shop, gallery, event, or even SL pets. It can easily be expanded by duplicating the middle section to as long or as short as you want. The conservatory has doors with control pannel to manage access.


The pavilion is a smaller simpler open structure at just 25 prim impact and 10x12 meters and perfectly suitable for outdoor living by a lake, pond, or pool. 

The [ba] classic conservatory at the collabor88 main store through May 6th at the price of $388 and the [ba] classic pavilion will be available at $188. After May 6th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace at full price. 

 Visit: Collabor88 April 2014 Store