[ba] key west cottage

For Collabor88 september 2014 I choose to head a bit south to Key West as inspiration as I have already done a Miami skybox. A perfect place to call home, the new [ba] key west cottage features all the charm and comfort you would expect in a beach cottage. A spacious front porch and back porch, cozy living room with fireplace, and formal dining room with built-ins make a for a very inviting home. The home also features a kitchen space, one bedrooms, one bathrooms, and generous second floor landing. Textures are provided (copy only) to aide in personalizing your home. This home tints very well to add your own color to the interior (and exterior) walls

Scripted features include a new easy to use central control for access, windows, doors, and built in lights.  

The house comes in at 107 prim impact (mesh), and a 32x24 meter footprint.  

The [ba] key west cottage will be available at the Collabor88 main store through October 6th. After October 6th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace. 

Visit: Collabor88  Store

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