[ba] plaza store

Over the past few years I have got a lot of requests for my own main store. The store build I use is still prim (because I am too lazy to swap it out!) but I have made a very very similar new mesh shop for sale! 

The new [ba] plaza store features clean lined classic architecture with a spacious and versatile interior. Like all my mesh prefabs it is easy to re-color, re-texture and personalize for your own needs. The basic textures are also provided (copy only) so you can easily add new walls or parts to your store that match should you need to. 

The store is perfectly suited for a quarter sim, coming in at 104x104 meters and only 477 prim impact. The angled design makes it fit perfectly in a quartered sim, but can also be rotated 45 degrees to fit on a half sim with room for landscaping and display bot in front and back thanks to its unique shape. 

A demo has been set up in the sky so you can see the store as it comes. The build can be purchased at the demo location, in the main store, or on the marketplace!

Click image below to browse gallery of images.