[ba] paris penthouse 2.0

New for Collabor88 August 2015 we have the [ba] paris penthouse 2.0! This is a mesh version of one of my oldest skyboxes. The new skybox features more three dimensional detailing and richer texturing than the original. The windows have been exchanged for Juliette style balconies with functioning doors and flower boxes. The backdrop is now simple three dimensional buildings and trees instead of a flat picture providing much more depth than the original. This is a skybox and the exterior of the structure is largely unfinished but not visible from the interior.

Scripted features include an easy to use central control for access, windows, doors, and built in  working fireplace.

The skybox only comes in at 33 prim impact (mesh), and a 14x16 meter footprint.  The backdrop and scenery adds 26 more prim impact and an area of 64x64 meters. 

Like most of my other houses it is easy to customize walls and floors with tinting or using your own textures!

The [ba]  paris penthouse 2.0 will be available at the Collabor88 main store through September 6th at a discounted price. After September 6th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace at full price. 

Visit: Collabor88  Store

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