[ba] loire chateau

New for Collabor88 october 2016 we have the [ba] loire chateau! This large french style country home features a grand foyer,  formal living room with fireplace, formal dining room, large kitchen, one private room, and a spacious back terrace on the ground floor. Up the grand staircase you will find four more private spacious and light filled rooms. Up another set of stairs you will find a spacious open attic space with one more private room. That is a total of 6 rooms that can be private bedrooms making this perfect for large family style home. The home features many elegant details such as paneling, shutters, and elegant balustrades and balconies. 

Scripted features include an easy to use central control for access, windows (privacy tinting and open/close), doors, and built in fireplace.

Like most of my other structures it is easy to customize walls and floors inside and outside with tinting or using your own textures! 

The  [ba] loire chateau will be available at the Collabor88 main store through November 6th at a special reduced cost. After November 6th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace at full price. 

Visit: Collabor88  Store

Also be sure to check out the official Collabor88 October 2016 Catalog with amazing creations by many other designers!  

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The matching snow cap is also available at a discounted rate for the event if you plan to use this home seasonally.