[ba] hever manorhouse

New for Collabor88 December 2017 we have the [ba] hever manorhouse! Full of old-world charm, the hever manorhouse features classic tudor styling. The interior is finished with rich dark wood and cozy spaces. The home has a deceptive amount of space inside. There is a large kitchen with room for casual dining, a cozy conservatory/sunroom, a formal dining room with fireplace, a cozy living area with fireplace and built in bookcases, and a spacious and grand foyer and stairwell on the ground floor. The home also two cozy private rooms on the top floor with vaulted ceilings. 

Scripted features include an easy to use central control for access, windows (privacy tinting and open/close), doors, and built in working fireplaces and chimneys.

The house comes in at 127 prim impact (mesh), and a 26x27 meter footprint.  

Like most of my other structures it is easy to customize walls, floors, trims etc inside and outside with tinting or using your own textures! 

The  [ba] hever manorhouse will be available at the Collabor88 main store through january 6th 2018 at a special reduced cost. After january 6th it will be in the main store and on the marketplace at full price. 

Visit: Collabor88  Store

Also be sure to check out the official Collabor88 december 2017 Catalog with amazing creations by many other designers!  

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